Key Stage 2

We are on the very exciting journey of reviewing and refining our wider curriculum to ensure that it carries on meeting the needs of the families and pupils here at Christ Church CE Primary School.

We are exceptionally proud of our track record in continually promoting high standards and celebrating all faiths and backgrounds.

We would like to continue with that momentum and have thus refined our curriculum offer so that it reflects, champions and celebrates the rich diversity in faith, cultural heritage and ethnicity within the 'Christ Church family'.

Our aim is to continue to offer an exciting broad and balanced curriculum that inspires and excites ALL members of our diverse school community.

In each unit of History and Geography work that we teach, our aim is to reflect diversity through:

  • All ethnic groups being represented, especially those demonstrated by the children’s own family history and heritage.
  • Exploring our local area – Sparkbrook/Birmingham.
  • What and who can we be proud of? Who are our local role models?
  • Representing the roles of both males and females.
  • Hearing all voices/viewpoints to an issue.

Below is the curriculum map outlining the brand new History and Geography units:

Running alongside this, there will be four ‘Golden’ Threads evident in our curriculum work, which are:

  • Aspirations and Experiences
  • Roots and Routes
  • Love and Community
  • Justice and Peace

Across the year, many opportunities will be given to children to take part in a number of further enrichment activities and after school clubs to help enhance their wider curriculum learning.

Curriculum Overviews

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