Vision and Aims

School Vision

As God loves us all, our vision at Christ Church is for everyone in our family to feel equal, valued and prepared for life in modern British society. While walking humbly with our God, our children will become wise, compassionate, independent and resilient learners in an inclusive and safe environment. We strive for success, spiritual fulfilment and a life lived ‘in all its fullness’. Believe and Achieve!

Our key life Bible verse which under pins our vision is:

‘What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6:8

Our beautiful vision window in the Year 4 corridor.
Our vision display in the school hall.

Act Justly (feel equal, safe, inclusive)

Act justly means living your life with a sense of right and wrong; doing the right thing, at the right time . God is summoning us to eliminate any unjust actions or thoughts. He requires a commitment to assist the less fortunate and those have been victims of injustice. We need to See others as God does – deserving dignity, respect, love, care and being treated as equals. We are all made in His image.

Love Mercy (feel valued)

Jesus sets us the example of being merciful and invites us all to do the same, showing what our hearts are like towards others. We must try freely and willingly show compassion and kindness to others. This is shown by valuing each other by forgiving freely, and reaching out to others without expecting anything in return.

Walk humbly with your God (spiritual fulfilment, success, independent and resilient learners, Believe and Achieve)

God loves every person equally and wants to connect deeply with them. We need to be frequently in communication and spend time with him. The study of his word, prayer, and worship keeps us connected and gives us hope when we are in despair . We need to endeavour to show humility and appreciation through our actions regardless of our successes; and have conviction that anything is possible with God. We are God’s stewards on Earth therefore we strive for being the very best of his creation.

Mission Statement

Serving God's Community

In developing a greater understanding of Christian and other faiths within the community, we seek to develop the personality and potential of all, and to understand that we are created equally by God.

We are committed to providing an outstanding education to prepare our children for adult life in modern Britain in our locality by living in harmony before God.

By developing the social, moral and cultural and spiritual dimensions of pupils he school seeks to equip them to make a positive contribution to the community.

In finding time to be still and reflect, we seek to foster spirituality and a deeper relationship with God.

The School Aims

  • To prepare each child for the opportunities and experience of life in a multi-faith society.
  • To teach that caring for each other is central to promoting understanding, respect and consideration.
  • To have happy, healthy, independent learners who realise their full potential through personalised teaching and learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • To celebrate and nurture our faith commitment and show that God is at work within our community.