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Community Action Projects

Fundraising for Pakistan Floods Appeal

21 October 2022

The Faith Team and some of the children in Year 4 have helped to raise £255.05 by organising a non-school uniform day. The students and staff wore green and white, the colours of the flag of Pakistan, in a mark of solidarity.

These small acts of kindness create a wonderful environment for our children to grow up in and experience.

Our hearts go out to all families impacted in Pakistan and we wish them the best in this difficult time, so we are delighted to have been able to contribute towards any relief needed.


Donating Items for Refugees

8 April 2022

Some pupils in Year 6 have come forward displaying compassion and leadership, and have led a vote in every class to see what their wishes are with regards to the Ukraine crisis.

The children have voted to raise funds for charity as well as find a way for members of the community to donate items that are essential for refugees leaving Ukraine.

We are extremely proud of the compassion shown by all of our pupils. We have set up an arrangement with St Francis Church in Bournville, Birmingham. They are running an appeal for items to help refugees leaving Ukraine. They have agreed to collect any items that are donated to school. Items will then be taken by a charity to help refugees who have fled Ukraine to Romania.


A Message to World Leaders

10 March 2022

Year 6 decided to write a prayer regarding the recent issues in the world. Key to this was, no matter what religion, country, or group we may belong to, compassion and transforming the lives of others is the responsibility of all.

Children were very articulate in knowing that world leaders have the greatest impact and normal citizens are the ones that endure the suffering; therefore, this was the central message of their prayer- a message to world leaders!

Dear God,

Allow the citizens of our world to live in peace during these difficult times of hardship, due to the war in Ukraine. Guide our leaders along the correct path, that they may take steps to stop all this suffering. Help them to understand the significance of their actions.



Ukraine Crisis Appeal

4 March 2022

The recent crisis in Ukraine has been at the top of news headlines of late and some pupils in Year 5 in particular, have been concerned about the impact it has had on people who have become refugees, especially children and young families. Following a meeting with Mr Whitehouse with these pupils, they have asked him to make parents aware of some charities that families may wish to donate to if they wish. We are very proud of the compassion, maturity and motivation to help shown by these pupils in Year 5, as well as all of the other pupils at Christ Church too.


The two charities are UNICEF and the British Red Cross, who are internationally renowned and established charities. To find out more, please use the following links, which include information on how to donate money if you choose to:

If you wish to donate, as this is not a formal fund raising project for the school, please do not bring any money to the school office and use the information given on the web page.


Keeping our Parks and Open Spaces Clean Project

11 February 2022

Our children have been working incredibly hard in creating posters that will be displayed around the local parks sending a clear message on keeping our parks and open spaces clean.

We are very grateful to the Council and Farm Park management in allowing us to do this. The posters will be displayed around Farm Park, so please keep a look out.

A Request for a Safer Footpath

31 January 2022

The School Council and the Faith Team have recently requested a footpath to be created on Claremont Rd from the Council to make it safer for our children and community.

The pupils are delighted that their concerns were heard by Councillor Hussain and action will be taken.



Litter Picking

26 January 2022

The Faith Team went litter picking near the school. They found lots of litter and felt proud in keeping our streets clean.

Well done to all the children and staff who took part.

Helping to Build a Greener Future

5 November 2021

The School Council and the Faith Team have recently discussed various environmental issues with Councillor Shabrana Hussain.

It was a very productive meeting and the children were very passionate and enthusiastic to make a positive impact locally and beyond. The current climate change issue has been a very huge topic for them, therefore a discussion about that was at the forefront. Parking issues, traffic and the walking to school scheme were all on the agenda.

Thank you to Councillor Shabrana Hussain for listening to our concerns.

Raising Awareness of Deforestation

5 November 2021

We are very proud of our Year 6 pupils who have started a campaign to stop deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

They wanted to raise awareness among the local community and beyond.

Harvest Collection

15 October 2021

As part of our Harvest festival, the families at Christ Church have donated food to the Sparkhill Foodbank.

We were overwhelmed with how much food was collected.

Well done to our School Council for organising this collection to support local families in crisis.