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Safeguarding in the Curriculum

It states within our school vision that our pupils should be prepared for life in modern British society. Working with families to teach them how to remain safe is an important part of that commitment.


Our school is continually developing newer ways to weave opportunities for pupils to learn about safeguarding into the curriculum, so that by the time they move on to secondary school, children having a growing awareness of how to keep themselves safe.


In order to achieve this, Christ Church works with a range of organisations to help pupils develop their understanding of safeguarding issues at an age appropriate level. Examples of organisations include NSPCC, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, Safety Net and local faith leaders.


Below are a few examples of how safeguarding is included within the curriculum.



PSHE and RHE are taught across the school and adopts 'a spiral curriculum'. Not only do pupils learn about a range of safety issues here, but they also learn crucial information about how to have positive relationships with other individuals. Our RHE was developed in consultation with parents in late 2019 in order to meet government guidance.


Preventing 'Child on Child' Safeguarding Incidents

Christ Church maintains a zero tolerance policy to Child on Child abuse. Like in all management of safeguarding, even though we have outstanding behaviour we still maintain an 'it can and will happen here' philosophy meaning the school remains vigilant regarding potential issues inside and outside of school. Although the school has clear approaches to dealing with harassment or violence should it take place, importantly Christ Church adopts a proactive approach to help pupils learn how to maintain positive and healthy relationships with their peers. A few examples are below.


Ultimately Christ Church is committed to achieving the UNICEF Gold Rights Respecting School accreditation. We are currently working towards achieving our silver award this year. Within this the children are increasingly aware of their own rights as well as the rights of others.


In the autumn term, pupils will take part in anti bullying workshops across school, helping the pupils learn how to treat each other positively.


Annually pupils will have the NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe assemblies and lessons. We also have access to the NSPCC Pants Programme for delivery in school also.

The school promotes the CofE's 'Valuing All God's Children' guidance, finding ways to support pupils to celebrate differences positively in school.


PSHE teaching (as described above) is also at the cornerstone of helping pupils to understand how to treat each other, especially those different to themselves, with consideration and respect.

Our Computing and PSHE curricula have online safety interwoven within it. We also have used 'Safety Net' to run workshops with children and parents to help them practically and proactively help children stay safe on the Internet. We also celebrate Safer Internet Day annually.


Safeguarding within our Local Context

The school is responsive to any hazards that may be present in our immediate locality for pupils. We then set up opportunities for pupils to learn about how to keep themselves safe. The sessions are either run by our teachers or external professionals such as West Midlands Police.

Examples of these sessions include:

  • Stranger Danger
  • Road Safety
  • Drug awareness and prevention
  • Knife Crime and Gang Activity
  • Domestic Abuse


We will continue to provide further updates on how we have enhanced our safeguarding curriculum over coming months.

If you have any suggestions regarding other areas that we could help students with, please talk to our DSLs without delay.