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Christ Church C of E Controlled Primary School and Nursery

Our Faith, Collective Worship and Spirituality

Our Faith

Christ Church C of E Nursery and Primary School is a Church of England school. We have a distinctly Christian ethos, where shared respect, compassion and consideration for other faiths are all valued and celebrated. Our faith and ethos permeate through everything we do in our school and community.


Our school's values (patience, charity, hope, faith) and our vision underpin the Christian belief that God loves us all and we all matter.


We make every effort to foster excellence in all that we do; both in our learning and through our social responsibility. We believe that everyone within our school community should be cherished and treated with utmost love and respect and that each of us has a privilege to develop and become the best we can be.



Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral part of school life.  It happens daily in a number of ways. We come together as a whole school and in our classes:

Monday - Headteacher's Assembly


Tuesday - Bible Study Assembly


Wednesday - Picture News (in class) or Church Visitors (Revd Toby or Revd Sebrina)

Picture news is designed to expose children to current affairs, including religious, cultural, environmental, social, moral, and spiritual. It is there to discover their interests and bring the world closer to their everyday lives. It encourages them to be courageous advocates and voice opinions about anything they feel passionately about.


Thursday - Musical Worship


Friday - Star of the Week


There is always time to reflect and pray – to be still and have time to think.  Children take an active part by either by writing or sharing prayers, acting out Bible stories or contributing through music and song. Collective Worship sessions have a weekly theme and we ask ‘big/reflective questions’ each week. 


Our school’s Faith Team plays an important role in collective worship: monitoring and evaluating the sessions.



Our Spiritual Garden

We have a beautiful Spiritual Garden where people can go when they would like time be calm and quiet. The area is also used for reflection and stories.  The garden was designed around the theme of ‘creation’ and some of the children helped with deciding what kind of things they would like in the garden. There are lots of different things to look for, which represents God’s wonderful world.


School Prayers


Morning Prayer

Dear God,

All praise is for you.

We thank You for granting us a new day.

We ask that You would guide us today, through our thoughts, words and actions.

Help us to spend it wisely, compassionately and fairly.

Please bless our day ahead of us and help us navigate through whatever comes our way. Amen/Ameen


Lunchtime Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for the food we are about to eat.

We are grateful for what you have provided for us.

We ask that you would bless this food and continue to guide us all on the right path.



End of Day Prayer

Dear God,

Now the day is over we raise our hands and we say thank you to you, Loving God.

We are sorry about the wrong things we did but glad about the right choices we made today. You are the most forgiving.

Protect us in the dark of night and in the morning send us your light.