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Faith Team

Who are the Faith Team Representatives 2022/23?


Every year a new Faith Team is elected. Children are voted onto the Faith Team by their peers. It is made up of two students from each of the classes from Year 3 to Year 6. Every class holds an election to decide who will represent them for the school year.


Why do we need a Faith Team?


Our Faith Team plays an important role in our Church School. The team meet twice every half term when they will discuss issues that are important to the children.


Their role includes:

  • Promoting our core school values (Charity, Patience, Hope and Faith) by being role models.
  • Ensuring that our Collective Worship Table and Reflective areas are kept clean and tidy.
  • Leading Collective Worship once every half term.
  • Monitoring Collective Worship alongside the Foundation Governors once every half term and ensuring our Anglican Traditions are included in our worship.
  • Monitoring indoor and outdoor worship spaces.
  • Helping in creating displays to show our Distinctive Christian Character.
  • Encouraging children to say a ‘thank you’ prayer in the morning before they start their day and after they have eaten.
  • Gathering information from other children and parents about their views on worship and RE in school.
  • Helping to organise events at the school (Inter-Faith and Courageous Advocacy week)
  • Creating links with our Christ Church and finding different ways we can support them.


Collective Worship Monitors

Our Collective Worship Monitors (from Year 6) prepare the hall for Collective Worship, each morning. They have to put out chairs for the staff and benches for the Year 6 children. They close the curtains and make sure the computer and projector are set up, ready for singing.